Hearthstone Mansfield vs Woodstock Progress

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Jan 25, 2007
Newfields NH
I'm questioning Hearthstone's assertion that the Mansfield produces up to 80,000k BTU. While the Progress does have a firebox that is 10-15% smaller, they rate max output at only 47,200. I believe there just plain is more soapstone in the construction of the Progress which might reduce max heat output but I'm wondering if Hearthstone is somewhat hyping the BTU output beyond what the typical user is likely to experience. Thoughts?
Note that Woodstock lists the EPA-tested output for the Progress Hybrid -
  • BTU Output: 13,149 - 47,220 BTU/hr (per EPA 2020 tests)
Hearthstone just says -
  • BTU: Up to 80,000
Hearthstone's overenthusiastic marketing is not really helpful in this regard. It can be misleading. The Mansfield's EPA rating is 14,043-32,200 BTUs/hr.

EPA testing of woodstoves is currently done with a fixed load of softwood in order to give a standardized test. Maximum potential BTU output is not the same as tested, sustained output. You need to be stoking a stove like a fireman in order to realize the maximum. It's like EPA gas mileage numbers. A car may be rated at 30 mpg, but depending on how it's driven and the weather conditions, the real-world, actual mileage could be anywhere from 15-40 mpg.
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Hearthstones probably stating their own cordwood testing data. If you burn it on high and keep shoveling wood in the fire box I’m sure you can come up with some big numbers.

Only so many BTU’s in each stick of wood. If the fire boxes are similar sized then the output should be too unless the efficiencies are way apart.
Out of curiosity, did you end up making a purchase decision or was it more just a question that you were throwing out there for clarification?
Mansfield test here