Hearthstone stove help

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Feb 18, 2019
Akron, OH
newbe here: i bought a used Harvest model- can anyone tell me what year it is?

I’ve only burned twice and it smells odd when burning, almost like an ‘electrical’ fire smell. I know areas on the stove were repainted right before I bought it, and the side door itself was actually smoking, so I’m sure it was repainted. I’m looking for someone who knows these stoves to give me an education on this bad boy. Many thanks in advance...


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Call hearthstone and give them the serial number. They can tell you
Can’t help with age , as far as smell it definitely looks repainted unfortunately the only way to remove the smell is to burn it off , are you able to close off stove room ? Using blankets or even flat bedsheets will stop the smell from getting into other areas . Open windows and slowly bring stove temps up to as high as you are comfortable with and maintain those temps for 2-3 hours I would use 2-3 pallets because they burn fast and they burn hot avoid using large pieces of wood until you cook the smell off