Hearthstone Tribute Door and Frame

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Jan 6, 2024
Rhode Island
Please help me. I'm at my wits end. I've had my Hearthstone Tribute since 2006. The door frame and latch seem to be a terrible design. I cannot get the door latch to function properly. The door has been replaced x 1, the frame has been replaced x 1, the handle has been replaced x 2, the gasket was replaced last February, the door pins have been replaced x 1 and now the latch was replaced this week. I can not get the door to stay latched. I am out of ideas. I have to put a metal bucket with large rocks against the door.
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It's a weak design and/or metals in the hinge and latch assembly. They are nice stoves while they last, but eventually it gets old. It may be time to change the stove. If soapstone is still loved, then consider a Woodstock.
If you're mechanically minded, maybe you could work with a local machine shop to get a better latch piece that actually works? If you're not, maybe there's a local handyman who could MacGyver a slightly different latch mechanism that works better.