Heaters suitable under 6 feet ceiling

Keith Wheat Posted By Keith Wheat, Apr 23, 2013 at 7:50 PM

  1. Keith Wheat

    Keith Wheat
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    Apr 23, 2013
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    I would like to install a medium to large wood burning appliance in a basement. The ceiling is just higher than 6 feet and is open floor joists. Most appliances are specified for installation under a ceiling that is at least 7 feet. Does anyone know of a heater that is permitted for operation under a 6 feet combustible ceiling? I am 6 feet tall and do not want to be bumping my head on shields or any other ceiling treatment.
  2. Beetle-Kill

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    Keith, I have a very similar situation at my place-( basement area, we call it the "bonus room", 74" ceiling height but 330 sq. ft.) This is where the NC-13 is going to go. According to a very well respected member of this forum,(not going to put him on the hook by naming him), we need to look at the charts, specifically NFPA 211, table 13.6.1- page 45 in the current edition. I appear to be code compliant, as you should be,...depending. As long as it's not an alcove installation, you'll probably be OK. Check those requirements, and give the Englander Stove Works a shot. Some people on this forum seem to like their stoves, and I've heard they are happy to help and give advice. Just say'in.;)
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    Without a heat shield on the ceiling Keith, I think you will run into some narrow choices. Is there any possibility of putting the stove where you need the heat, on the first floor? That would be a better option. If not, look at stove installation requirements. I think Blaze King has some stoves that are ok with less than 7ft. ceiling clearance. Take a look at the Princess for starters.

    PS: Hope the basement walls, joist spaces and sills are insulated. Otherwise about a third of the heat is heading outdoors.

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