Heatilator rusted out firebox, what are possible solutions and approx cost...

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Jun 24, 2020
perry hall md
I just discovered that the firebox of my basement fireplace Heatilator is rusted out. (I only discovered this because I am working from home due to covid-19, LOL).

This fireplace hasn't been used probably for 15 years.

So, the 2 problems are replacing the firebox and probably chimney repair since apparently there is water penetrating, thus causing the rust.

I have a chimney sweep company coming on Monday. I'm wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this problem, and what solutions there are. Googling around, it seems you can cut out the rusted firebox and replace it with fire brick, or perhaps a wood burning insert.

Any idea on cost?

The attached pictures are after some short heavy down pours the last couple of days, you can see some dampness in the corners...


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You are right the fix is either an insert or a masonry firebox. The masonry firebox is far less in materials but tons of labor. An insert isn't that much labor but much more in materials. Figure anywhere from 2500 to 5000 for either