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    I am thinking of installing a Heatilator A36C circulating woodburner fireplace with outside air kit. Does anyone know of this unit and if it is a decent one. The room size is 12' x 24'. Also where does heatilator rate on fireplace scales for quality.


    Heatilator, like many fireplace manufacturers, makes a complete line of fireplaces...from the lowly "builders models" all the way up to more upscale units. It's usually easy to tell where your unit lies both by comparing the price and the literature with other models from the same manufacturer. For instance, if the literature uses words like "economy" - "value" etc, it's a hint that you are looking a a builder model.

    Not that all builder models are so bad...but they are usually the most economical made by each particular maker.

    All that said, Heatilator has been around a long time, is a large company and has a decent reputation.
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