HI300 Thermal Switch cycles on/off... how to get to it? reset it? check it? replace it?

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Hearth Supporter
Feb 19, 2008
I have a Hampton/Regency HI300 Insert that has been acting up... the thermal switch will short cycle, ie run for a minute (ish) then shut off for a few minutes... then on again. I may have knocked something loose as I sometimes bang on the bottom cover because something is loose and rattlin ...banging on it usually shuts it up or I just turn the fan switch to low. It was working fine until just recently and now cycling.

How do I remove the lower front panel? Is it just clipped on? Do I have to remove the vent/flue (what is it called?) adjustment rod first?

Is the thermal switch a wear item? I've had the insert for a number of years...

Unfortunately the assembly manual isn't too detailed.

I see what you mean. Does it just slide out? If yes, make sure it is slid all the way in toward the insert so that the snap disk makes good contact. If not, are there any external screws on the side facia plates that attach the assembly to the surround frame?