thermocouple (almost) never gets hot - blower rarely turns on

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Sep 2, 2022
Lachute, Quebec
I recently bought a new blower (for our Drolet Escape 1400 insert), and new thermal switch to go with it...and though it will turn on if i heat the thermal switch directly with a space heater or blow dryer, it wont do it even once the stove is very hot, after hours of burning. The switch attaches to the cage that holds the blower, but the cage, though attached correctly, directly in front of and touching the insert, really does not get hot. I have tried jamming a piece of sheet metal between the cage and the stove, to increase contact and make a heat bridge...but it doesn't seem to help.

I was thinking of trying to attach the thermal switch directly to the insert, which does, obviously, get hot. I thought i might try to attach it with a magnet (to facilitate cleaning the blower, so that it can still be removed easily). I cant seem to find anyone else having tried this solution, just wondering if the idea raises any red flags to the knowledgeable people on this forum, or if there's some better solution...?

i see that there are magnetic switches, so perhaps its not such a crazy idea...?
I would just bypass the thermal switch. Mine is too slow to turn on
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I have a Drolet also. I moved it to the upper side of stove mounted it to a small L shaped bracket. Using a small magnet to hold it in place. In my case it has worked well. I did use a medal flex covered wire and spaced it from stove.