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Kilted Posted By Kilted, Apr 29, 2007 at 3:37 AM

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    And now for something different. OK you have been out in the back 40'ty making firewood and your cold and want a cup of something hot.

    How about using a Storm Kettle to heat your water. What's a "Storm" Kettle, OK go to: or do a web search on "Storm Kettle". This company is in England. Just use some tinder and dry bark from the firewood your cutting and in a few minutes you have hot water.

    I had trouble with the first kettle it had a bad leak, John Grindlay immediately sent me a new one without question. I could not have asked for any better response. Just first class customer service, in the old school tradition.

    I have only tried it out at home it will be awhile before I could give it a field trial. I have also tried it with this stove: this stove just uses wood, it works with the Storm Kettle but it does not boils water as fast, no flame in contact with the inside of the kettle but little to no smoke. Also a special grate is need since the base of the kettle is to large for the stove. The grate was easy for me to produce.

    -- Brandy
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