How do you remove the top of a Jotul castine?

MountainStoveGuy Posted By MountainStoveGuy, Sep 11, 2006 at 3:45 PM

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  1. MountainStoveGuy

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    I recieved this email from Slabwood.
    I belive my instructions are right, but since i cant go look from home im not shure.

    I’m trying to get the top (flat cast iron) off of my Jotul Castine 400 for chimney cleaning purposes. The instruction book is rather unclear, it just says “lift top off”. I applied moderate lifting pressure and nothing happened. Are there bolts that need to be removed? Thanks for any help.

    My responce was there should be set screws on each side of the stove. Loosen up and they should come off. I could be wrong, i dont realy remember.
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    From the F400 manual:

    • The top plate is fastened by means of 2 transport screws.
    These must be removed due to the regulation regarding
    free access for sweeping smoke pipes. This is done by first
    unscrewing the smoke outlet so that the 2 transport screws
    situated on the inside of the product between the side panels
    and the top plate are within reach.

    NB! Be aware of that the top plate is laying loose on the top
    of the product, and shall not be fastened.
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