How much wood did you burn this winter?


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Dec 24, 2011
Winter WI
I’m surprised how little I burned this winter, just two face cords and 235 gallons of LP. Not bad considering it gets quite cold up here and we had that cold spell in February where we were below -20 quite a few times and down to -35 one night, that’s when I used a lot of propane since I was sick in bed for some time there and I couldn’t burn my wood... ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°). I imagine the new windows and polystyrene that was added to the walls under the new siding last year helped.
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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
We're going to be a bit over 3 cords by the looks of things. That is more than some warmer winters for us. But we are probably burning a bit more to keep the bones warm.


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Nov 5, 2018
California redwood coast
I don't know exactly, but easily twice as much as last year because of Covid telecommuting.


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Dec 4, 2017
NW Ontario
I think I've put just under 3 cords through the stove this season, and have used about 250 gallons of propane. It was a mild winter relatively speaking, but I was also home a lot more and so we kept things a bit warmer than we otherwise would. Just about out of wood now, and am going to stop pilfering from next year's stash. Will be burning propane to get us through the April/May morning chills.


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Feb 3, 2018
NE Missouri
It's mostly been a mild winter, we've burned less than I thought, we've gone through about 1.5 cord, but I'm still burning in the evenings. I expect to have some fires into April. One thing about just evening fires, I get to stay on top of cleaning the glass.

Our propane guy came last week to top us off, I told him we've been burning a lot and probably didn't use that much propane. He said he was taking care of people with contracts, a couple years ago we bought $500 of propane at $1.29/gallon. I don't know what propane is going for now, but it was a good investment. He said he didn't blame us for burning wood.


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Feb 8, 2020
Central MA
I burned 4+ cords of oak this winter. I'm still burning some odds and ends, mostly ash and cherry twigs that I cleaned up last spring.
Got another 10 cords of oak & silver maple stacked up since last year but I refuse to dip into that - I doubt it's ready and I will appreciate having the stash come October.


Dec 3, 2009
western NY
Gone thru 8 face cords so far this year in W NY. That's good hardwood to !! I plan on digging out my heating bills since last October to lay out and see what all they came to. Retired and home everyday and take a good hike or two each day out in the woods. Can and will cook up to 3 meals a day on top of that woodstove!! Right now I'm burning all the ugly twisted, bent , weird shaped pieces of wood from last year as I'm frugal as hell! Nothing goes to waste!


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Jan 21, 2019
Pretty mild winter here as well in NE NV; I’ve just about made it through my first row (2.1 cords), plus the little bits of juniper/mahogany (somewhere shy of a cord), about typical for the last couple winters we’ve had.
Feb 2, 2020
Madison, WI
I heat full time from Oct till whenever 60 degree temps and 40 something degree nights stick around permanently so could be April but usually there is still a fire going at least once in May! Having said that, Fall 2019 till Spring 2020 I was at 4.5 ish cords burned and that was with my wife starting to stay home full time at that point. From Oct 2020 till now with my wife still working from home we've probably burned more so I will estimate we'll be at least 5 cords burned when the burn season is done!


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Dec 20, 2018
Southern WI
Around 4.5 cord. On par with last year. Only burned full time for 2 seasons now, so not enough to know what should be my average. Also each year had a new burner. Next year no changes with the wood burners, but I do see a mini split install coming shortly...


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May 27, 2008
Long Island, NY
About 3 full cords through the PE, half of that from the end of January through the end of February. 300 gallons of oil for heat & HW from the end of October to the beginning of March, mostly to heat the lower level (the 13 is idle).

February was pretty brutal here in Icy Hollow.


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Jun 25, 2013
Collegeville PA
I’d guess 4 give or take. Had some fuel oil I needed to start using so I burned maybe 1/4 tank or so of that. Replaced about 7 cord with the blow downs from the summer so I’m still well ahead, sitting on 18-20 cord c/s/s. Always sad to see the stove go quiet at the end of the season


May 4, 2018
Heart of NC
Just 1.5 cords, using stove for 85% of heating needs. Have not burned in two weeks, 80 degrees today and 50 degrees by Thursday. Think I'll have 2-3 more fires before I'm completely done.


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Oct 16, 2019
I'm at about 3 1/2 cord so far and think I'll finish the season under 4. Still burning almost daily, but only overnight when it's nicer out. Heat about 98% with wood, the 2% was when the baseboards kicked in on those -10 or colder nights with wind. Usually still doing small overnights into early May. 11 27/32 cord css outside right now, so I made good progress getting ahead this fall and winter. Only started with 2 cord outside after moving this winter's supply into the garage.
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Jul 22, 2008
Unity/Bangor, Maine
No idea . . . I never keep track. As long as I still have plenty of wood I am happy. Still burning anyways.
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Feb 14, 2017
Rochester NY
under 3 cords but I'll likely hit 3 by the end of the season. Seems like an early spring this year which is fine with me. Last year we had snow in mid May. That was the first time I think I ever actually felt like I had some form of seasonal depression.