How Your Harman Works -what your manual doesn't tell you..

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Central NH

Feb 24, 2013
I purchased a Harman P68 in June 2014. During the shoulder seasons, I want to run it on minimal heat output and
pellet consumption. I have been running it on Constant Burn setting #1. I was wondering if there is some setting even of lower heat output than Constant Burn #1 and still to keep the flame so as not to put wear on the igniter going through numerous fire-up cycles. I tried Room Temperature setting 50* with the igniter switch set set to manual, to keep a maintenance fire. From what I can tell; the flame size, heat output, and pellet consumption seems about the same as Constant Burn setting #1. What settings would produce the minimal heat output and pellet consumption?
The P68 is a chow hound. I use my XXV during fall and spring. I have never found a way to burn less than a bag a day with the P68. But then again its a 68000btu monster meant to heat not warm your area.


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Feb 20, 2014
Rushville, IN
I have a p68 harman and I purchased a new auger motor now the manual does not show which screws to undue for the replacement I looked on the internet but could not find anything now I stumbled across your sight and signed up hoping I could find additional information. Just hate to call the repairman every time stove dosent start. I welcome all help my part harman auguer motor p68 part 9062520 a1106t harmon auguer motor.
You would be better off starting a new post than on this old thread. More people would see it. I have never had to replace mine yet.


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Nov 18, 2005
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I moved it to a new post. Gonna close off this one from 2012.
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