Hud-Son HW3-16 Firewood Splitter

Bad LP

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Nov 28, 2014
Northern Maine
I am just sharing an email I got from Hud-Son as I've done business with them in the past.

The above mentioned splitter is on sale now for 3995.00. Includes all optional features like splitting tray, log cradle and 4 way wedge. 13HP, 10 second cycle time, 12" tall 2 way wedge, 24" wide 4 way. Works with most conveyors.

I realize that its more than some people are willing to spend but one never knows.


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Dec 24, 2011
Winter WI
Yeah four grand for a splitter, for someone who sells wood that’d probably be doable. if I did I’d get the splitter made here in Wisconsin but I can’t recall the name right Now. They have the adjustable 4 way wedge. oh yeah, Wolfe Ridge splitters.