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Nov 2, 2016
Auburn, Me. 04210
Good Morning,
I have a westpoint stove. Trying to get it up and running for the new season. When I turn the stove on it gets burning and then the flame, backdrafts (best word i can think of) into the pot I open the door and the flame comes back up. It never turns the room blower on and then eventually kicks off and fills the room full of smoke. I changed the room blower and the circuit board, thinking that would take care of it. No luck at all. I opened the other side where the exhaust fan, vacuum thingy and snap do hicky is...... as you can tell I am not that versed in the pellet stove world. I am looking for suggestions on possibilities of what is going on before I just go buying part after part, as you know that can get expensive
I would start with a good cleaning. There is a cleanout located on each side of the stove. Remove those and clean the ash out of those areas. The cleanouts are about 2 x 3 inches and are held on with 2 bolts. A Long bottle brush and vacuum will help when cleaning. If that area isn't cleaned regularly they will fill up with ash and block the exhaust flow. To work properly that stove needs to be cleaned well and often.
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