I'd consider this almost kiln dried.

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Sep 28, 2022
I season most of my wood at least a year , oak and hickory almost two, outside just top covered a cinder block high, after that all is moved in a building.
I have a lean to 12 X26 7 feet tall with a 40 year metal roof covering it , ventilation in north and south. I'm wondering in the summer if the metal roof acts like a kiln? gets direct sunlight about 6 hours daily. Yesterday I took a few splits , mine are split big usually nothing under 6 inches , most 8 to 10, in this lean to is all oak, red, honey locust, black locust and osage , i split one of each yesterday and my readings were 7% to 12% wood was very heavy almost petrified, I've noticed my BK seems to really perform with this wood, start ups are quick cat up to temp within 20 minutes, burns are very clean with wood burned down to fine ash usually no massive coal bed build up the wood in this building is 12 to 5 years old, anything as wood to dry, once again splits are very heavy no lightweights.
@ohlongarmisle I store my wood for current season in a big 10cord pile in my garage. It to think it acts as a kiln of sorts as it seems to dry quickly considering it just heaped and not stacked. Alot of people on here don't like to see a pile vs a stack but in a barn or garage I think it works perfectly. As no moisture ever gets to it and the heat buildup.
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I’ve got a post about that in this thread.
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