If these white girls had been totally nude, I couldn't 'a ID um

ISeeDeadBTUs Posted By ISeeDeadBTUs, Nov 26, 2010 at 2:08 PM

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    Thursday was my one day this week to 'go get wood'. If it keeps raining without freezing, I'm going to have to put my chains on

    So anyway, about them white girls . . .I picked up my usual 'ugly' red Oak, some of which was green from moss/lichen/some sorta flora growing on it. Still great fuel after years on the ground! But that wind storm a couple months back took down more than just Aspen, thankfully! Stuff that looks like this at the bottom

    Is bound to break off somewhere in big wind

    Limbs up to say 4" were smooth barked, so much so I thought it were Maple, though rare up there. Since it twisted off back when the leaves were still on, I firmed up my ID there. Nasty split on the base was not a problem since it was completely severed from the stump.

    I'm not sure what kind of Ash it is, since the ash on my property have rough bark long before 4". In any event, let the white girls ride on top this week

    Sorry, phone cam sux, and the batteries in small digital cam die out there in the cold. I need to rig up a holster for the cam so it can keep warm with diesel heat. Oh, I need a holster for the saw too!
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