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Minister of Fire
Nov 29, 2005
Milford, CT
So I did some big time wood scrounging last year from a friend who was clearing his lot. I was able to split about 80% of it by hand, but some of the pieces were just too knarly. A friend offered the use of his "old log splitter" that his friend gave to him. I just had to bring the wood over to him since one of the tires is flat. I drove over there thinking old meant 8 or 9 ton piece of crap. Instead it's a 22 ton commercial grade splitter! Now I can scrounge any time I want without wondering how I'm going to split it. I finally know a guy with a splitter and a beast at that.

Guess you will need a bigger saw as well.
Fix the tire so you can move the splitter to the wood
And service it when you are done.
I always like to return borrowed stuff serviced