Inexperienced Cutter Needs Advice

firecracker_77 Posted By firecracker_77, Oct 11, 2012 at 2:15 AM

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    I have several hundred feet of ropes,cables,weighted throw line,come-along,12 V winch etc.Am gonna get one of those slingshot tools pretty soon,saves lots of abuse to my shoulder throwing that 3 lb weight.Out in the woods things can get crowded when throwing those ropes sometimes.

    This was a very minor lean (guessing barely a foot off vertical in 50 ft height) & was minimum 100 ft from any structures in the opposite direction.Nothing for it to hit.If it was much larger or more severe lean I'd have used a different procedure of course.Calm winds yesterday morning when I started,within 15 minutes of gathering the gear & walking from the garage to the tree it was on the ground.I was last on the property 2 weeks ago but didnt drop it because of gusty NW winds 40-50 MPH.I dont mind working from zero to 90 degrees, light rain or snow.But I stay outta the woods when there's lightning,heavy rain or strong winds.
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  2. charly

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    Years ago while doing a back yard Maple tree take down I got caught up in the canopy in a white out. Snow just all of sudden showed up and came through to the point I couldn't do anything but wait it out. Home owner eventually came out and said I could come back tomorrow to finsih the job if I wanted. They thought I was going to get blown out of the tree,,, 20 minutes later I was back at it, just a little wet. Rigging is good to have. We had a monster friction bollard when I worked on the DOT tree crew. We could lower some pretty big limb wood, keeping it a controlled fall as to not shock load the lower line as we slowly braked it to a stop. I use to use a lot of carabiners and loop runners as well. I would leave a bowline in a lowering line and just clip a loop runner and carabiner on for lowering all my wood , fast, and easy for the ground man to unhook. Sometimes making false crotches as well. All sorts of goodies for tree work;lol

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