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    We have a fireplace in our family room (with cathedral ceiling). Since we plan to spend most of our time in this room during the cold northeast winters, I want to make this fireplace as efficient as possible to heat this room and the surrounding rooms. I plan on installing a woodburning stove by myself as I am pretty handy and don't mind the work involved. My question is can I safely convert the existing zero clearance fireplace to meet my needs ? Do I run flexible piping all the way to the top of the chimney cap or is this overkill and simply run some piping a few feet up the chimney? Which is better...installing a typical stove insert or a stove that sits out on the hearth for better heating capabilities ? Any thoughts and or suggestions before I get started would be appreciated. p.s. great web site with loads of useful information!


    Best course of action is top use a fireplace insert that is tested and listed for this exact use - there are many of these on the market. The best installation is to run the stainless steel liner all the way up the existing chimney...this makes certain that your chimney is upgraded to take the higher temperature from the exhaust of a closed stove.
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