Jotul 8 for sale on CL


Jun 5, 2006
There is a Jotul 8 for sale near me that I'm tempted by. It's a basket case stove that is fully disassembled. The seller has several ads up currently and they are well written and include a sample photo of the stove assembled. There are no photos of the stove in it's current state. I have the impression that the seller knows what he's doing, just has some abandoned projects he's trying to unload. Can I post a CL link here?

If the picture is correct, the stove would be a #8, the first edition stove. Looks like the reviews for the stove are pretty good. Per the listing, he says that two replacement parts are needed: the combustor and back #103055. I have not looked into the availability of this part. His asking price feels a bit high at $275 for a disassembled black stove needing parts.

The application for the stove will be for our off grid 3 season cabin. The cabin isn't big in footprint, but it has high cathedral ceilings that will soak up BTU. I'm also looking for a stove that will do an overnight burn and can raise the cabin from cold to comfortable in a couple of hours.

Thoughts? Things to watch out for? Run away?


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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
This sounds like a later edition of the #8. The cat was added after 1989 for just a few years. It may be an 8TDC. I'd proceed with caution. The back + cat is not going to be cheap and the history of the stove is an unknown. Post a link the craigslist ad.

The 8 may not be the best fit for the cabin, especially with the high ceiling. How large is the cabin? The cathedral ceiling is going to mean a lot of heat trapped up high. This needs to circulate or heat a floor level may be disappointing. You might want to look into a ceiling fan or a stove with a blower. The Englander 50 SSW02 is under $1000 new. It would do the job more reliably. Where is the cabin located?
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