Jotul F50 Rangley side panel rattle

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Jan 8, 2017
Asheville, NC
Jotul F50 Rangley question: The left side convection panel (#21 in pic) rattles anytime someone walks past my stove. There are two small screws (#24 and 25 in pic) underneath the panel that hold it in place. I can tighten them and the rattle stops (I actually think it is #25 that is the problem). But for whatever reason (I assume related to expansion/contraction with heating/cooling), the screw eventually loosens again and the panel rattles again. I tried adding a stainless steel locking washer to screw #25, but that hasn't helped the problem. It still seems to loosen itself again.

Anybody have any other solutions/suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Jotul F50 Rangley side panel rattle
Put some Loctite blue on the threads.
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