Jotul series 8 running hot!

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Dec 24, 2023
Hi there. I just restored a Jotul series 8ap with new gaskets and freshly cemented body panels.

And it runs really hot damped all the way down. I dont lnow how to confirm it but my guess is that it isn’t sealed up well enough.

I tried the dollar bill test on the door and I can definitely pull the bill through mostly easily.

The ONLY part of the stove I dodnt break down completely is the front panel where the damping slide is located. Should I?

What are some things I can do reduce airflow?

Sounds like you need to fix that door gasket. Does it have an ash pan?
Yeah fix one thing at a time. Gasket would be the 1st thing I'd do if i knew it was loose.
Curious as to why you deleted the ash pan?
Door gaskets can be tricky. Make sure you have the right gasket and don’t stretch it as you install it in the groove. keep it loose especially around the corners. I’d also check the glass gasket.
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New door gasket did the trick. I cant beloeve it makes that much difference. Or… i cant believe my door was letting that much air in, rather.

Thank you!
Excellent, now take the bricks out of the bottom tray and try the ash pan. I use it every 4 days or so in my jotul. I wouldn't give it up for the world. So much cleaner and faster than shoveling.
Asked this in the other thread but maybe here is more relevant.

Did you get a new cat or are you running it without a cat?