Just purchased a Giant Moe

66Mercury Posted By 66Mercury, Apr 2, 2018 at 9:29 PM

  1. 66Mercury

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    Apr 2, 2018
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    Just wondering if the literature is correct as far as how many sq ft it will heat. It is smaller than my Mid Mo and the literature says 1800 sq ft for the Mid and 2400 sq ft for the Giant. The Giant is definetly smaller. ( I'm preaching to the choir.) I got the stove for $200 with the blower and the owner said it had only been burned for one season in the last 20 years. Sat in his family room. Thanks in advance for any help and assistance.
    66 Merc S55
  2. begreen

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    The Giant Moe is a fireplace model and shallower. Marketing estimates at sq ft heated are just that. The same stove is going to have very different results depending on the house location, insulation, etc.. So it could very well heat a 2400 sq ft in MD and struggle with a poorly insulated house of the same size in VT. Have you checked out the wiki page for more info on the Moes?
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  3. Slowmoe

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    Feb 22, 2018
    Well I would like to see them side by side but that might put a hole in the floor they look very close in weight one takes logs side to side the other length wise also giant Moe has 8” flue mid Moe has 6” I’m jealous keep them both for 200 you can’t lose.

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  4. coaly

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    Dec 22, 2007
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    Are you sure you don't have a Big Moe that would be larger? That takes a 30 inch log compared to Mid Moes 26-28.
    Giant should have more square inches of heating surface than Mid Moe. BTU radiation goes by the surface temperature of each square inch of surface area. So the surface area of the hottest part which is the top radiates the most. Door area should be much more as well. You can do a calculation of BTU output with a infrared thermometer. You will be amazed how much cooler the sides get towards the bottom.
    They didn't use BTU ratings back then, now the BTU ratings are not actual output, they are simply to fire the same load at the same air adjustment (not max output) for equal comparison. Real world heating has little to do with the BTU ratings. When these stoves were designed the heating area used was a 8 foot ceiling with insulated 2 X 4 walls in Seattle Washington. So thicker walls with more insulation, thermal windows, continuous vapor barrier, location, as well as many other factors determine actual heating capacity. (the chimney has a LOT to do with how these will heat) You can't compare them on the same chimney since the different models require different flues.
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  5. Manly

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    Aug 8, 2017
    I had a mid-moe for many years, many years ago. Great heater. Wish I had kept it after I replaced it with a jotul 3CB. The jotul is a better fit for where it is installed, but I could have used the mid-moe elsewhere. At the time I sold it for 100.00 including a serious 3 speed blower unit, about 20 or so years ago.

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