King 5200m cycling blowers and auger when off


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Oct 8, 2019
Pepperel, ma
So we got our stove plugged in, ran it for a few days then shut it down. Going to be warm this week. Now while the panel is off on my 5200m king/American its cycling auger, draft and room fans without being on. But runs fine when on.



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Oct 25, 2010
Titletown U.S.A
Are you talking about the stove running after turning it off? If you hit "off" the stove will continue to run until the low temp is reached (I think 110°F on you stove). The fans will continue to run and the auger will continue to dump fuel until that temp is reached. It's a safety feature. Mine will continue to run up to 45 minutes depending on what heat level I was running when shutting down.

If not, then I would suspect the low limit switch is bad and not telling the stove that it has reached proper shut down temp. If the stove is new contact USSC.