Know what kind of tree/wood this is?

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Now I'm unsure about the back trees. Could potentially be a hickory of some sort? Leaning towards green ash but not entirely sure
Now I'm very uncertain about the back trees. (First set of pics). Here are some more photos. No nuts to speak of. Unless they just decided not to bear. And in DFW, the leaves aren't even growing yet. No resounding smell either. Mature bark is in the first set of pics. As well as the leaves

IMG_20220323_195952.jpg IMG_20220323_200000.jpg IMG_20220323_200010.jpg
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See the hole in the center? --> ash.
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REALLY?!?! Well damn that's, hmm. That's interesting. I'm just having a hard time finding any bark that matches up with it. It has a very scaly bark and the branches are smoother.

So that hole in the center is telltale for ash huh? Interesting. I always thought that little dark stripe was more indicative of the hickory family. Clearly I'm wrong lol
The only tree I know that has that hole is Ash.
Some have dark stripes. I thought this was a hole. If there is no hole, just a stripe, then you may be right. The bark seems a bit flat-ish for Ash indeed. But the wood seems too white for Hickory, I think.

I have no hickory experience, though.
(@hickoryhoarder has - I surmise :) )
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Hmm. I'm not too sure if it's a hole or not. But it definitely streaks down the length of the wood. Here's a closeup. Also noticed a lil sap I think

IMG_20220325_152329.jpg IMG_20220325_152014.jpg IMG_20220325_152003.jpg IMG_20220325_151955.jpg
I can’t tell you anything from that particular piece of wood, but what do the branches on the tree do? Are they opposite one another on the trunk, or do they alternate one higher than the other side to side?

MAD Buck is a good acronym to remember. Maple, ash, dogwood, and buckeye have opposite branching, while most other deciduous tree (like hickory and oak) have alternate branching. Noting opposite branching is a good way to narrow down the field.
Nice. I'll keep that in mind from now. I'll look at the branches. See what I can find then. Idk of the buds line up with anything anyone has seen. Wish there was a bud database
Welp to put it to rest and confirm for the last time. It is indeed, GREEN ASH. Leaves and plants are budding now. Red and green like things falling all on my lawn lol googled them and green ash keeps coming up.