Liberty too large for a 1900sq cape cod? Floorplan pic included

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Jan 30, 2023
New York
Hey everyone! Been browsing in the background for a while now trying to dig up some info and figured I'd take the leap and register and directly ask! Long story short, this past Saturday the 28th I went ahead and placed an order for a Lopi Liberty stove at the local dealer and am now thinking I may have gone one stove size too large.

My home is a cape cod located in western NY. 2 floors, square footage about 1850. The downstairs where the stove sits is only about 950sq ft all added up. Insulation is mediocre, house was built in 1954. Den where stove sits is insulated all around, new door and windows but is an addition sitting on a concrete slab, remainder of the house has a full basement. Currently using a Vogelzang Defender since 2016. It’s undersized for my house and doesn’t have the capacity to keep hot coals for the 11 hours I’m gone for work. It does OK with the ceiling fan in the kitchen and a small box fan up in the den door to move the heat. Once the temps hit mid 20s or below it really can’t keep up unless I keep it blazing. After pulling out the paperwork once more I find that it’s actually only rated for 1200 sq ft, not 2000 like I thought for some reason. So me walking into the stove shop thinking a 2k sq ft stove isn’t keeping up, I naturally jumped to the larger Liberty model.

My main concern is that the Liberty is going to bake me out of my house, and I’m going to have to burn it low 90% of the time. My current stove gets my home to the mid 70s when temps are between 35 and 45 with minimum wind so I’m starting to think the Endeavour will be more than sufficient. They had the Endeavor burning at the stove shop and it was putting out great heat with the blower. The main benefit of the Liberty for me would be the larger wood box for extended burns when I’m working. So I’m completely torn on whether I switch my order or not. Apologies for the long winded first post but after enough browsing I see more detail here is better! Oh and fun fact, I grew up heating with wood, an old Olix air flo stove to be exact that my parents bought brand new in the early 80s. That thing has the house baking 80+ with no struggle all winter!

Anyways, this is the 1st level floorplan where my stove sits if It's of any benefit to the post. Thanks to anyone that takes the time to read and reply!

Liberty too large for a 1900sq cape cod? Floorplan pic included
That's a poor location for a big stove to heat the house. A stove in the living room would heat more evenly. The Endeavor would be better. Maybe see if they would discount the floor model.
Agreed that the living room would be a better location, and I have considered it in the past although I would probably go direct vent with another fuel source if I were going to relocate it. I keep it in the den mainly because there was already a chimney there and it keeps the wood mess out of the main living area. The roof over the den is also a much shallower pitch for chimney maintenance not requiring boards or a harness like the living room roof. I may need to try and squeeze a visit into the dealer today to discuss or change order. I likely pulled the trigger on this too quickly soley because my folks were also placing an order and we wanted to get it all done that day.