Lignetics Green Supreme Doug Fir from Oregon.


Burning Hunk
Nov 6, 2014
Central Arizona
Ligs GS come in eight different flavors from around the country, and these have got to be their absolute best. They might even be the best pellet my stove has ever burned and I've burned/tested every one I could find in the area over the last six years. Got a chance to light the stove last week when the overnight temp dropped to 22 degrees and these did not disappoint. High heat and low ash would be an understatement. I'll do a thorough in depth test to compare these to all the others I've tested once temps remain below freezing, but from what I've seen so far these will have no problem surpassing some of my favorites. The pic of the glass was taken after three bags burned.




Minister of Fire
Nov 5, 2010
Attica,,New York
I have the" North Eastern Blend" bags with hard and soft wood blend. TSC is selling them now in my area. I'm not impressed at all . High ash, a lot of dust, the smell I can deal with, instant glass buildup.. Would rather do TSC house brand