Looked at new stoves friday

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Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2017
Woolwich nj
In my travels Friday I stopped in the stove shop that I purchased my stove at. I know the owner and stopped to see how he was feeling.. he had surgery... He wasn't there but I took the time to look at the various new stove on the floor. They no longer sell blaze king, still sell vermont castings, lopi, hearthstone and others. I know I got a good deal no my stove but its now like 1400 dollars more then what I paid for mine.. my stoves not that old neither.

My stove was purchased prior to 2020 so looking at the stoves they are different. I liked the endeavor they all have steel baffle now.. aka next gen fyre. No more 1250 or 1750 its the answer thats the smaller stove. The VCs look a little different, they moved the bypass handle, things are a little different. The hearthstone has a bimetal thermometer sticking out the RHS of the stove. Sticker shock on almost everything I looked at I just cant believe how much the stoves are costing now.

For those of you that haven't been to your local stove shop, stop by and take a look. Its not the same..
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Feeling the Heat
Dec 8, 2009
The endeavor has a ceramic baffle board and fiber blanket, I just had a new endeavor installed. There is a steel baffle cap that sits in front of the baffle board, maybe that is what you saw?
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Burning Hunk
Jun 25, 2019
NE Oklahoma
I've got a 2020 Endeavor. It uses the baffle board with a steel cap on the end.