Lopi large insert - flue cleaning from the inside?

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Sep 24, 2022
Greetings. Last year I had a Lopi large flush insert (with a cat) installed in an existing fireplace. Really like the insert, heat output, etc. Looking forward to the upcoming wood burning season, thinking about performing the annual maintenance myself. Anyone know if it’s possible to sweep the chimney through the insert? Seems like it might be a tough angle for a brush rod - hoping someone has some experience (one way or another). Unfortunately I don’t have a tall enough ladder to sweep from the top down.

You should be able to clean the liner with the bypass open with a Sooteater. The rods are pretty flexible. All bottom-up cleaning through a stove door needs to handle that 90º turn. Keep the entry low, near the ashlip, to soften the angle to about 120º. If concerned, get the white rods which are more flexible.
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I bought one of those kits off Amazon, with the flexible rods that attach to the end of a drill, so I could clean from the inside out. It worked quite well, for me as I was able to enter through the clean out at the bottom of the chimney. It was a bit messy, though. I’m not familiar with your stove but I’d imagine you’d be able to do the same thing going directly through the insert.