Pulled the trigger on a Lopi Large Flush Insert....

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Clean Glass

Pulled the trigger on a Lopi Large Flush Insert....
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I mean the stove comes with a 3-prong cord. The high temp kit does not. I added the box and used the cord.
You will notice the box in the second picture is silver. I changed to a better box in the last picture.

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Yes that was my question. I would want a plug for the stove fans in case I lose power I could plug it into a power bank. So you used the high temp kit into the black box and converted it to a plug. Very nice. Thanks for the pics
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So, how do you like it so far? I'm on the fence between the non-catalytic and hybrid versions, leaning now more towards the former. The older one is on 1k off rebate, but the hybrid has 2k tax credit, although as I heard it's a bit harder to maintain/operate.

Also, have you already cleaned your catalytic combuster? A guy in the store said it should be done about once a month...

Thank you.

P.S.: Really thankful for your detailed posts, it helps a lot.
So far I love it. Unfortunately I'm here in East Texas so it's not a long burning season. Wouldn't you know as soon as I completed the install it stopped getting cold. Had some cooler nights that I burned. Overall had about 10 or 15 fires. Not enough to make a decent review but I can say I love it so far. Everything works as it should. I like how the fan stays on quite long to extract any heat left from the coals. Love the huge glass door. The hybrid system works great. I get secondaries from the air tubes and she gets up to temp pretty easily to switch over to CAT mode. Haven't had to do any maintenance this year so far. Our shoulder season is pretty much over. CAT still looks brand new.
Probably the biggest negative is the shallow depth. Have to load EW but it's got a couple of nice andirons to hold the wood.
Thank you for the compliments.
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Yes the glass was a little dirty in that picture. It has really good control. If anything I would like a little more air at startup but on all my previous stoves as with this one, I crack the door at startup. I have had it overheating the room but you can turn the heat down and turn the blower down. If it gets uncomfortably hot I'll just open a window.
Excellent! You’ll get way more heat with that vs the candles next door!
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