M55 Cast Hearth R value ????

RCR Posted By RCR, Nov 8, 2012 at 9:42 AM

  1. RCR

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    Nov 4, 2012
    Has anyone ever seen info for the required R value for the hearth below the M55 cast ? This unit has legs and an air space but I can see the hearth becoming hot over an extended amount of time and transfering heat through the hearth and directly onto the hardwood floor. I have reviewed the pdf manual online and do not see reference for this.Nor can I see anything on a search throughout this site. Thank you in advance.
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    Talk to a dealer the air space may satisfy the thermal protection requirement which is what the R or k requirement is all about, but you'll at least need ember protection below that stove.

    I know the 55FS steel unit needs no additional protection as its pedestal provides the proper clearances and ember protection.
  3. nailed_nailer

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    Just checked my M55C FS manual.
    Page 7 Where to locate your pellet appliance:
    #5 The unit must not be installed directly onto carpet. If it is to be installed on a carpeted area, a solid surface (wood, metal, or approved hearth pad) must be installed between the unit and the carpet.

    It mentions using a hearth pad if desired or on solid material if installed on a carpeted surface.
    No R value mentioned.

    Under Clearance to combustibles section Page 8
    Floor Protection....."Unit must be installed with a minimum of 6" (152mm) of floor protection in front of and to the sides of the door opening"

    Looking at my unit, the legs hold the bottom of unit off of the flooring (hearth) about 2-1/2" in the air.
    Think the 6" floor protection extension is only for embers not a heat barrier.

    That covers it.

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