Made a new friend while scrounging wood the other day!

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Feb 26, 2007
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
Across the street from where I work (yes I am still working) I spotted that the city of Allentown came through and did some trimming so I got permission from the business owner next to it to drive up to it and went over there Tuesday night and as I was loading sections into the old Bronco I heard rustling in the woods so sadly being in Allentown I thought "I'm going to get jumped, robbed and the truck stolen" but saw no one, then I thought maybe it was an animal coming at me but still nothing, until I heard some strange noises and looked down and at my feet was a little hen staring at me lol! This was in the wooded area near a bridge and a stream, I said "who are you? Where did you come from?" as there aren't hens around here, and I thought "what am I going to do now?", so I kept loading the wood up, then knew I couldn't leave it out here as there are stray cats and animals so I tried to grab it bare handed but it didn't like that idea, so I put gloves on and opened my Tupperware container from lunch, let it eat some scraps and then picked her up and the container, put them on the passenger seat and she was happy as a clam lol! She must've know that I was trying to help her, so I drove over to my work across the street and showed a woman who was still there her, and was wondering what to do when this woman reminded me of my friend who works for Pocono Mountain Animal rescue and I couldn't believe that I didn't think of her but I was so stunned lol! I called her, she said send her a picture of it, she called back, said they would take it and foster it at the Hospital and I should meet her so I did. When she saw her she took another picture as she said she just relocated some orphaned ducklings to a "farmette" in Riegelsville, PA. and thought they would like to take her, they don't want a lot of animals just some ducks and hens and little things like this. I just called her and asked "just checking to see how my little friend is doing?" and she said "your little cutie pie friend has the best home in the world, at that beautiful farmette and they just adore her!" so this is some good news in an otherwise very crazy world!



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Jun 23, 2008
Mid Atlantic
That is heart warming. Really enjoy reading unusual pieces like this.
I'm kind of tender hearted myself, probably would have done about
the same. An unusual day gathering wood for sure.