Malleable and Wrought Iron Co. Wood cook stove

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Amy Black

New Member
Feb 27, 2023
Prairie City, OR
Hello everyone, I am a new member here. I am seeking knowledge regarding a wood cook stove with Malleable iron range, and Wrought Iron co. frame/doors my fiancé and I dug out of my family's original homestead ruins. The cattle ranch was bought in 1900 by my great great grandfather from England, but this homestead house was already on the place. Unsure if my family or previous owners purchase the stove. The ranch is located in rural eastern Oregon for what it's worth. This stove has proven to not have much information on the internet regarding this combination of manufacturers. I did find that apparently Malleable co. used different manufacturers prior to 1910 due to not having their own foundry. It is a really neat stove and would love to restore it, but that is proving to be difficult. Like I said, any information would be appreciated! Pictures coming soon. Thank you in advance.
I am researching a similar cook stove in our old log cabin. Still used for heat and - once a trip - cooking of breakfast. We also have a PAGOMA No. 141 "parlor" stove.