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    This stove has several long term flaws. 1. the by-pass damper is made of steel and the part supporting it. It warps makin the damper not as efficient and more difficult to open and close. 2. the door was solid brass so with opening and closing after years of use the handle gets a little sloppy. It wears the brass. It should have had a steel insert built into the door. If someone has one and they are having problems the door could be drilled and insert a bushing. I would take mine to a machine shop to do this.
    I had one in my house and it was a good stove. It was more efficent, it could be installed in mobil homes and had reduced clearances. The honey bear blower would work on it. On and on.
    I have the drawings for the TF-88 which was originally called the Artic Flame before the designer joined up with Fisher.
    I gave an insert to my brother and he still uses it. The fire box was the same it was suspended in a sheild so it could be installed as an insert. I have 2 friends that have the freestanding in their houses, the rest who knows where they are :)
    I do have the original brochures for the stove showing both of the doors offered. I told Coley that I am getting closer to going through boxes and boxes of stuff. Most of what I will find will be best for Coaley to have. That way he can keep even better informed.
    Oh well I am just going on now.
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    I found the stove listed here in a Oregon DEQ Certified Stove List.

    It's listed at bottom of page 4 ;
    N3 Distributing, Inc.
    Arctic Flame: TF 88

    Searching the history of "N3 Distributing, Inc." led me to this page. You're right, Ken comes up as Kenneth M (McRight) Norness, (Trucking) Eugene Oregon 1975, real close to Bob.
    Secretary / and wife, Paula.
    Looks like he had Norness Trucking Inc from 1975 to 1984 when he started N3. That would later merge with Fisher. Business ended in 1991, probably retired. He's still at his original address, two years younger than Bob at 69. He was originally a surveyor from Alaska. Hence "Arctic Flame". Worked for Ford Ness Fassbender surveying in Oregon before starting his own business. I have his phone number if you want to hook up with him.

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