Manufactured home wood stove

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New Member
Dec 29, 2022
Bowman, GA
We own a double wide that we renovated for my sister and family. The old fireplace bricks are crumbling and we are seeking options for wood heat. Burning 20 logs a day to put out a tiny amount of heat is ridiculous and replacing interior has been quoted at $400 per side... Is there a back vented mobile home approved wood stove option that could sit on the hearth and be vented up the existing chimney. The only thing I'm finding is the wood heaters like Ashley used to make but people complain the inside falls apart so quickly. I also haven't found those are mobile home approved yet.


Master of Fire
Sep 2, 2008
Nothing can really be recommended that will be “approved” for this application. Your best bet would be to remove the fireplace and the framing, and install a few standing stove. The ceiling is finished above the fireplace behind the the framing. It’s a pretty simple job really, we’ve done it several times.
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Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Agreed. The chimney pipe would probably not meet the high temp requirements for a wood stove. Remove the fireplace and get a stove that is mobile approved and install a new class A chimney system.
Often, the flue system height on a manufactured home is a bit short of the 16' minimum some stoves require. If this is so, look at Canadian manufactured stoves that have a shorter 12-13' vent requirement. Regency, Drolet, Osburn, & Pacific Energy have models that will meet this requirement.


Burning Hunk
Feb 12, 2012
MN Twin Cities
Although I don't have a manufactured home, my house came with a prefab fireplace with a bad / non-existant door. I pulled the prefab out, including the brick surround and pulled out the entire double wall air spaced chimney which couldn't handle a wood stove. Put in Class A and so on and new wood stove. Nice thing is that the existing prefab had an outside air intake, which I'm sure you will need for code on your new stove. The whole thing was actually pretty simple, the complete demo took maybe half a day and some sawzall work. The tiling of the new area took the longest. Once your class A is in, the install of the stove is very easy.