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Sep 9, 2017
central pa
Currently got a quote for a 2 zone Fujitsu heat pump. 18000btu with 12000 head in living room and 6000 in a bedroom for $4000. Not really interested in the heating aspect as I have a oil boiler for so to speak back up heat that does my domestic hot water. Use electric water heater during summer months to mid fall till I turn boiler on so heat pump would only be worthwhile for very short period. Heat my ranch house with blaze king princess insert and for what I used it so far a can fire it on low with 2days of 60 degree day temps. His price don't seem bad vs others same warranty. Looking for operating cost vs a window air conditioner is it worth it or not really.keep trying to find info but I'm curious to hear from people who have mini split heat pump how much of a difference in operating cost does it seem to make in cooling only. Little late in the season but I'm still batting the idea around for next year not sure of the deer rating of the mini split probably about 20 my window AC I don't know without looking
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May 14, 2015
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Many love them and as I speak I have a system of four heads 36000 BTU, 3 ton waiting for the install possibly in the next two weeks.
I paid including the installation kit of 35' line sets, cables, drain line, disconnect box, some adapters and many other things, a little under $4200.
It is a Blueridge brand. It has real good reviews.
I purchased the hyper heat pump that goes -22df. Never will be here that cold.
I don't know about how much is going to cost running it but I need a back up system. I am just using wood stoves ( two princess ).
I am installing it I can say, on one half of the house and in the future I will do the other half with another identical system. Not planning on use it much, but never know.


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Jul 11, 2008
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Minispits are far superior to window shakers. The window units inevitably introduce a lot of infiltration into the room and a lot more noise.Minisplits are usually more efficient for heating in shoulder season then any other type of heating. I use mine on fall and spring days to take the chill off the house when I know it will warm up later. I generate more solar than I use so I carry a surplus and use the surplus to heat the house down to about 30 deg F if its a sunny day.


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Sep 15, 2011
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I think in that scenario I would ensure they are cold climate mini splits ( do you have the model numbers of the components?), and leave my oil off all the time. Or at least until the very coldest of winter days when they are pushing the bottom of their spec range. Not sure where you are or climate or your heat load. Lots of factors here we dont know.