MMD4E moisture meter question/assistance

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Ive used my MM from general about 100 times with zero bent pins. Im careful about going straight at something and determined. Dont try to SLAM it in but be forceful to get them in there enough to get a decent reading.
I think the error is 3% of the measured value, for the GT version. Given the similar cost for the HF, meaning similar technology to measure resistance, I presume the error on the HF will be the same.

That means you have a +/- 0.6 MC when it's around 20, and that means they are consistent.

These things are not *that* precise. And that's ok.
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Yeah I was impressed they both read so close and consistently.

I prefer the GT meter already. It’s bigger and easier to handle. It takes a “real” battery (9v versus the (4x) LR44 for the Harbor Freight). And it shows to a tenth of a percent.

Remember the meters we use are just a representation of the moisture in a chunk of fire wood
I have a cabinet maker's meter you have to set the temperature, type of wood, and relative humidity
and then get out your calculator and punch in a formula to get your moisture content and then
they say there is a 2% inaccuracy. Then again when I was looking for 8 % and it came up 7.2% I
was a happy camper So I'd say your reading is pretty good
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That ^

In the end it's an indicator more than a measurement device. Common experience says that below 20 pct indicated, you're good. Below 25 pct will work, somewhat.
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