My first 650 miles with a BEV

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
ICE vehicles will remain in the mix but it you look at the vast majority of fossil fuel use its local driving and single person commuting. I work at various manufacturing companies on occasion and when cruising the parking lots looking for a parking space, I see a lot of expensive pickup trucks that are obviously being used for commuting. In my case with my current and final two projects I am driving 410 miles round trip to one site and 320 miles round trip to the other one so an EV is not practical, but my guess is the vast majority of those in the parking lot are within a BEV range with a block of time overnight to recharge. Odds are a bunch of the workers in these lots are two (or three) vehicle families.

Car companies long ago figured out that car and truck sales are all image. The vast majority of 4WD vehicles sold are rarely if ever put in 4WD or even driven off road. Few vehicles ever drive over 85 MPH yet some will run in excess of 140 MPH. No one needs a Dodge Hellcat, yet folks are buying them. BEVs are just not yet cool and currently not as profitable so the car companies still pump a bunch of money trying to sell conventional ICE vehicles. My guess is a lot of the big gas hog ICE vehicles are going to start flooding the repo market soon as the low money down seven year liar loans that were handed out to anyone who can breathe will start getting called in when the owners discover they can not afford the gas.

I live in a vacation destination (White Mountains of NH) and despite very nice weather the last few weekends, the amount of weekend traffic in parking lots is definitely down compared to prior years the big weekends are still to come but to date its noticeable. The hospitality firms are not yet complaining as they are having a tough time staffing but it is an indication that despite official PR that vacationers are not changing their plans, some are. Even the ATV crowds are thinning out.
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