My oak piling stash is done

johnnytugs1 Posted By johnnytugs1, May 9, 2006 at 6:05 AM

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  1. johnnytugs1

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    Nov 21, 2005
    jackson, n.j.
    well here is the last load of oak pilings from the dock they refurbed at work . sniff....sniff, well i guess it's time to hit up my tree service bro-in -law for some more. i guess i got about 3 cords total from this refurb, not to shabby.
    p.s. hey elki how'd ya make out with the state?

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  2. elkimmeg

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    I think things are being worked out State wise It seems they did not award credits for my 3 seminars I have to fill out the proper paper work forms to get the credit. Deputy Anderson told me as I was leaving the room, that I was one of the few in the state that does Mechanical inspections. He told me the State would be interested in somebody with my knowledge and skills. Two days later I get a notice to attend the code revisions in Boston. I would love to move up to the state level, Though I would miss the remodeling and carpentry. Some people work for the pay check, I actually like what I do.

    Scoffed another cord of wood last night. Actually I was called to see if I wanted it. A tree service down the street cleared some oak trees. I took all the 12- 20 rounds The 4" to 11" rounds, I loaded the truck and dropped them off to a friend of mine. This same friend was going to be the recripant of the stove donor program. But bailed not wanting publicity and the appearance of being needy
    He went threw a couple of serious opperations last Jan. Since he had purchaced many oif the parts and had them on hand I have practically rebuilt his stove 1987 Encore Defiant. I give him wood he can handle. He has my old electric Splitter. He plugs away at and enjoys the process. Thankfully he is fully recovered. Got to check around to find decent used stoves to reburbish, or just clean up, then give them away to people in need .,
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