Nail in Pellets

Sophie Posted By Sophie, Mar 26, 2013 at 8:10 PM

  1. Markus38

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Merrimack Valley MA
    Hello Sophie,
    I had the same problem. My Harman took 8 full nails, 3 heads and a couple of stones before I noticed them in my weekly stove cleaning. I put 15 bags through the XXV that week. After that, I sieved the pellets by rolling them down a channel over a strong magnet. It was a real pain but I found some nails and other random metal before I put the pellets in my stove. I did find some metal in the pellets. They were really small pieces as everyone is saying a nail could not get through the mill whole.
    The supplier exchanged 2 tons of the unused pellets with new pellets, The manufacturer stopped taking to me even after I sent them the following picture…
    I think that JustWood hit the nail on the head as to the source but that does not help your stove.
    You could make a separator. All you need is a U-channel put some strong magnets on the underside of channel . Put it at a 45 and slowly pour the pellets down the channel into a bucket. This is a pain or you could sell them to a random victim on Craigslist.

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