Napoleon S25i vs Pacific Energy FP25 Zero Clearance

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New Member
Aug 9, 2021
Looking to replace our QuadraFire Isle Royale woodburning stove. Thinking we may change it up and build and enclosure/wall for a wood stove insert. Anyone have any comparison information on a Napoleon S25i insert versus a Pacific Energy FP25 zero clearance insert?
Our Quadrafire stove would heat a lot of our house (2500 sq ft) when burning well. Would want something to produce a lot of heat, and a blower system that will move good quantities of air (SCFM). Having trouble finding any specs on the blowers used on each.
Any other pros/cons that the community can offer to help guide the decision? Thank you!!


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
I think I would opt for the FP30 if PE. It has a more practical-sized firebox that matches the Isle Royal's size and affords easy N/S loading. We don't get a lot of reports on Napoleon products anymore. There haven't been many words on Wolf Steel products for the past decade.

PS: Marketing sometimes calls these inserts, but to avoid confusion they should properly be called Zero Clearance (ZC) fireplaces.
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