Need Help/advice on replacement DV gas log set NG

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New Member
Jan 22, 2023
Hi Folks!

The gas valve has quit in my Majestic DV360 RN NG gas log fire place set. This has been what would seem to be a very simple task, either replace the gas valve/or replace the gas log complete set.. I (any other professionals ) have ben unable to find a replacement for the gas valve. AND a replacement set for the gas log set(I believe it has an 18" grate) seems to be of such complexity that no vendors here abouts can suggest anything other than replace the entire hearth/fireplace/blower assembly- Gas log set/blower set/entire corner mount box assembly/corner mantle hearth assembly.

This is very difficult to believe. All that is not working is the gas valve. Additionally, I am also ok with replacing the entire gas log set which would include a new valve. Seems it would be a slam dunk- take out old gas log set.-Replace with new gas log set of same size.

What am I missing here?

Any help would be appreciated!!
You are offering confusing statements in your post. You have a gas fireplace. Not a gas log fireplace set. How old is the unit? Can you find the rating plate? You say the valve has "quit." Does the pilot light? Is there fuel to the valve? If not, have you bled the incoming gas line? Can you please take a pic of the gas valve? There ARE replacements out there. The model numbers need to be matched up. If the logs in the fireplace are still usable, good. There are no replacements available.