Need shed stove install advice

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Dec 4, 2021

I have a sauna stove getting installed in an 8x6 shed and I'm responsible for buying the necessary parts. The details:
  • Harvia 20 Pro sauna stove - 2.5ft tall on 2 inch pavers
  • 6" pipe - the stove is coming with an adapter from metric
  • Floor to cathedral ceiling is ~8'
  • Roof pitch 5/12
  • 12 inches to wall on all side
My questions:
  • What length of stove and chimney pipe to buy? Does the chimney pipe come through the ceiling support box? By my calculations I have 5.5 ft from the top of the stove to the roof, so do I need 4ft of stove pipe and like 6ft chimney pipe? Does it come through the support box or can they only connect in the box?
    • EDIT: I think I can solve this by just buying a telescoping pipe. I'm still not sure on how tall the chimney pipe needs to be though.
  • I'd like the stove pipe to be single wall and the chimney to be double or triple. I've heard double walled all the way in a sauna can affect heat output. I guess I'll still go with double but curious.
  • Does the ceiling support box need some sort of non-combustible insulation around it or just a gap of some sort? I've seen it with and without insulation.
Attached is what I'm planning to buy. And for reasons I won't be able to run this by my installer beforehand.

Thank you!

Screenshot 2021-12-04 164758.png
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That should do it.