new Lyden lori pellet stove user with questions

aztech63 Posted By aztech63, Nov 24, 2008 at 4:46 PM

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  1. aztech63

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Posted this under another thread then realized that probably wasn't the best place for it, so forgive the double post please.

    I had the stove installed about 2 weeks ago.
    My dealer told me not to use windex on the glass as it would damage the glass over time. Anyone with any info on what to use?

    I've had no jams at this time. The stove did go out once or twice but it was early on and I think I had the air set to gih and the heat set to low, hence all the pellets burnt off. Since then I've had no problems with this. Happy here so far.

    I'm still playing with all the adjustments as the thermostat wasn't installed. I guess the therostat only turns it on and off depending onthe temperture and does not adjust anything such as air flow and auger speed. Is that correct?

    I've been disappointed with a few things the biggest being the heat output. I live in a standard ranch with 3 bed rooms and the bathroom at the opposite end of the house from the stove. If I close all 4 doors (bedrooms and bath) and put the stove on low it seems like the heat gets to about 65 in the room where the stove is and maybe low 60's or lower in the adjacsent kitchen and living room. With all the doors closed to the bed rooms and bath I was hoping/expecting the 3 remaining rooms to be warmer. I get 1 day per bag but only on the low setting. If I go higher it seems like I'm burning maybe 2 bags per day and the stove room gets maybe to 69 - 70. The other two rooms around again low to mid 60's. The outside temp is around 25 - 35. I have all new windows installed.

    What have other people experienced in regards to heat output and # of bags used per day? It seems like a lot of the posts I've read on stoves in general they are only using 1 bag per day and getting decent heat.

    Also I cleaned my stove this weekend for the first time. Getting the 2 plates of the inside upper surface of the stove is a royal pain in the ass. Also I seemed to have created a lot of dust on the floor around the stove. ANyone else having problems removing these top plates or making a mess?

    Can you just connect up more electricial wire to the thermostat to extend it more than the 20 feet?

    Final question has anyone installed any type of programable therostat so you can be at work all day with the stove off and have it turn on an hour or two before you get home?

    Thanks appreciate anything folks can share.
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