New Manchester stove..bought all kiln dried wood. Owners manual states do not use kiln dried wood???

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New Member
Jan 23, 2023
New Hampshire
Just got the Manchester installed. A bit of a learning curve but works great. We bought Kiln dried cord wood not knowing then when reading the owners manual it states in 2 different areas to not use kiln dried. Mine is very dry 7%-12%. In researching it only seems to say this in the outer all cast iron and soapstone line. Called the dealer he was not ware of this and said he had never heard it. We have not been loading it up until we can get a cord of season to mix in with. Thoughts?
Some kiln dried can off gas too quickly and cause an out of control fire. The solution to this is to load smaller loads and or to mix in some air dried wood. If you're careful, there shouldn't be an issue.
Mine is very dry 7%-12%.
Is that reading after resplitting and testing in the middle of the freshly exposed face of wood or just from the end grain?

If the wood is stacked outside it should start picking up some moisture from the ambient humidity.

How is the stove burning with this wood?