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Nov 2, 2016
Nashville, TN
I am a new member and new to a wood stove. I have used an old fireplace extensively in my old home and am excited to upgrade to a small wood stove at our new home. We have a 50's standard ranch style home w/ full basement below; I know we need to install on the main floor. I have selected an Englander VL17 which is advertised for 1200 sq ft, which should fit our 1st floor perfect.

My issue is we are very tight on space on main floor. I have considered every possible location for the stove on the main floor and have determined our best option. One of the reasons I selected this stove is the low-clearances and small profile. My question is, when I read 8 inches to combustible surface can I get the stove closer to the wall in the back if I install non-combustible material on the wall? Also, would I have to leave an air space behind that non-combustible material and the wall? One contractor said I would, but I think that will look rather odd in our living area.

Thanks for the advice.
I like this little stove and it's great for a tight budget, but you may be happier with a bit larger firebox unless the intent is to use the stove mostly nights and weekends. There are stoves with closer clearances in the 1.6 cu ft range like the Quadrafire 2100, Regency Alterra 2100, True North TN20 and Century S244. You would need to install with double-wall stove pipe for lowest clearances.
Thanks for the replies; especially liked the recommended thread. After seeing that corner installation, I may have an even better install location!

An earlier reply mentioned that I would need the 1 inch air space. So, If I do a 1 inch furring strip, or one inch ceramic spacer, concrete backer board and then tile, I can get the rear and sides/corner of the stove closer than the 8 or 10 inch clearance to non-combustible that I am reading in the installation instructions, correct? Just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.
Maybe my manual copy is older but I only see clearances for unprotected surfaces. The distance reduction is with double-wall stove pipe.
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.59.13 AM.png
Maybe my manual copy is older but I only see clearances for unprotected surfaces. The distance reduction is with double-wall stove pipe.
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that is what I am reading too. that is what led me to ask about "protected" surface distances. in other words, if I put up tile or stone on wall, can I get even closer than those distances to "unprotected" surfaces?
No, not unless the manual specifies that option.
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