New Ravelli RV100c Owner - Temp units and screw loading

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Oct 4, 2018
Connecticut, USA
I installed a new Ravelli RV100 Classic and have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to change the temperature units from F to C on the US model? I can't find the setting in the menu.
  2. There appears to be a setting to "load automatically the screw (when the stove is new or the loading scew is empty)" I believe they mean auger. It sounds like I have to do this if I run out of pellets. I would have thought I just refill the stove and when it started again the auger would feed the pellets as normal. Why is there this separate setting?
  3. It seems pretty loud, even in "silent" mode on power level 1. Quite a bit louder than I remembered from the show room. I think the fan setting is at 85V. Is there a way to adjust that to be even lower?
  4. There are a few menus I'm locked out of. I presume the dealer has the code. Are there any goodies hidden away in there?
  5. What on earth is the "self control system"? The manual only states "Mode SELF CONTROL SYSTEM (S.C.S) has been realized allowing the stove to recognize faster an eventual problem just in case you are out of home of far from the stove."

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Oct 4, 2018
Connecticut, USA
Recording the answers I found...

  1. Yes, you can change units, but is locked behind the dealer menu.
  2. Don't know.
  3. Yes, you can adjust fan speeds, but it is locked behind the dealer menu.
  4. Fan power and temp units are the most useful settings that are behind the menu, but you can adjust all parameters, like the start-up feed rate, time to wait between ignition and smoke, etc.
  5. Self Control System adjusts the responsiveness of the temperature swing, according to the dealer. They rarely set it. I think when it's enabled it becomes less responsive to save wear.

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Sep 26, 2011
Central NJ
Yes, like every pellet stove, the auger (screw) needs to be manually activated to prime it, when the stove is used for the first time, or it runs out of pellets.