New storage area

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Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2017
Woolwich nj
Im am making another storage area for my wood as well as some of the equipment. In years past Id set up in the driveway, the problem being is that we track the mess in the house My wife complained about the saw dust being tracked in, as well as the cords of wood put in the driveway, the splitters, the piles of split wood and Id have to clean up all the time. I made a permanent wood processing area out back .. all the way out back so she doesn't really see it. The new area is 37ft long will hold around 2.5 to 3 cords and a place to park my bobcat as well as 2 splitters grapple bucket, forks and 1 yd bucket. It also has a log lenth storage area and will have an area to process wood. Alot of the wood and material is at no cost as I am using wood and materials that would get thrown away from the job site. All of the roofing and the majority of the wood is free

New storage area New storage area New storage area New storage area
My wood heating thing has grown needing additional wood storage, my log length storage, someplace to put my splits before they go in the shed. As well as the equipment, its like expanding foam.. you just realize how much space its going to take up
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