New Topic - Splitting Wedges!

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Nov 20, 2005
I've gotten down to some larger size logs (for me) that I need to use some wedges on. I've been looking on the web and noticing two basic types. A long, slender, no frills wedge (in different weights, don't quite get that) and a style with protrusions on the side to help widen the split as it is driven down. Which do you prefer? Are there different situations where one is better than the other? Is it good to have a selection of wedges so more than one can be used on a wide stump as the beast starts to open up. Come guys give me the low down as only you can before I lay down the cash. I just hate learning the hard way. Oh and what do you like impacting them with? Baby sledge, monster sledge?


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Dec 19, 2005

How well does a RR spike do on a log? I would think it is so small it would go in more like a nail and get stuck.
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