Newby looking for wood ID

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learnin to burn

Feeling the Heat
Nov 22, 2008
Southeastern, Pa
Hi All,

I've been lurking for a few weeks now getting to know the place and I must say it is an awesome site. I have some wood I was told was swamp (red) maple but it seems more like a soft wood. I truly don't have a clue. It burns real fast, is extremely light, (almost like balsa wood), and pops and sparks for a while when first put in the stove.
I don't have a link for the pics but I did upload them. There are 3 different splits from the same hunk of wood.




Minister of Fire
Nov 1, 2006
MD near DE&PA;
Tulip Poplar


Oct 29, 2007
Looks like Crack Willow to me : )


Feeling the Heat
Oct 22, 2008
NJ Piney

Do spikey balls fall from it?


Minister of Fire
Dec 25, 2007
Champlain Valley, Vermont
FWIW, your wood looks and behaves very much like a good deal of the c/d/s wood I have, but as far as my supplier (not a dealer, a local guy who knows his trees) told me, tulip poplar was not in the mix. He did include a lot of what we call "soft maple," which around here basically means red maple, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing else in my supply that could be it except for the stuff that looks like yours.
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